Janet Jackson @ Essence Music Festival 2010

A good friend just alerted me to some exciting news–Janet Jackson is performing @ Essence this year. This is her first time @ Essence too, so folks are hype-city. If you don’t love Ms. Jackson, that’s coo, but if you do, this is a pretty big deal. In addition to Janet Jackson, this year the festival is featuring Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Chrisette Michelle, De La Soul, Earth, Wind & Fire, Jill Scott, the list goes on and on. Visit Essence for ticket info. Shout out to Nikk’once for the info.


Real Housewives of Atlanta Son in Trouble (Again)

NeNe Leakes’ son is in some drama…again. He was was arrested on Tuesday in Lawrenceville, Georgia and released @ 3 a.m. this morning. Apparently, homeboy had an outstanding warrant. As you’ll recall, her son was recently in the news on a minor marijuana possession charge.

In other news, NeNe was in Dallas this past weekend & got up on that stripper pole again. Oh, don’t act like you don’t remember that episode.

Visit TMZ for more “pole” photos.

Bow Wow’s Subliminal Celebrity Tweet @ Ex

It’s the return of the subliminal celebrity tweets? This one comes from Bow Wow…He recently tweetedMy morning just started with a call from my “EX” . But atleast she kno how to still keep contact n be grown. Least she dont act like you 21 minutes ago via Echofon

Could this be a subliminal tweet to a public celebrity ex (like the Simmons doll or Ciara) or is this a random attention seeking tweet? I’m sure we will find out shortly. None of us really care yet, but its fun to speculate.

Jay-Z @ Club Rockin 2 His Song

Global Grind has a short YouTube clip of your favorite rapper’s rapper, Jay-Z, being cool and nodding his head to his “Blow the Whistle” song in Tao. Coming straight from his BP3 tour…cigar in hand, champagne flute in the other, while fans snap pix. He’s too cool for school and I love him. “So tall and lanky/my suit? It should thank me.”

Visit Global Grind for the full story. Photo credit.

Twit Pix:::Celebrity Edition

Featuring…Swizz Beats w/ the fam, Teyanna Taylor sex kitten style & Brandy & Willie of Day 26

New Music via Dirty Money “Hello Good Morning”


Check Dirty Money’s new song, “Hello Good Morning,”  featuring TI. Head over to Global Grind for the link here or download here. Hello Good Morning

Kimora Lee Simmons on Twitter

Kimora Lee Simmons is now “officially” on twitter…meaning I believe she actually tweets herself. She’s yet to be verified, but peep her recent tweets. They sound like KLS and all her fabulous glory.

Just so you know all my babies, if you down, you down, if not, that’s cool2! But I don’t like the LANGUAGE ppl! You WILL get the GAS FACE! 13 minutes ago via UberTwitter

@KentashaD ooh thanks girl! Ima big ole thang! But I’m not the poster child for the skinnies! So I can live with it! ♥kls

She tickles me. My favorite KLS quote is still, “I wear fur and if somebody throws shit on me I’m gonna whup your ass! I wish somebody would throw shit on me.”  It’s nothing deep about it, it’s just that I feel the same way. I’m no bill bad ass, but I’m certainly not above wreckin shop on protestors. The new season comes on Sunday’s @ 9/8c on Style.