Mike Tyson & Bird Land Reality Show

Most of us know or are aware of Mike Tyson’s uniqueness and love of pigeons (he raised ‘em growing up in Bedstuy). Well, he’s partnered up with the Animal planet on an upcoming show, “Taking Tyson”. The show is described as taking audiences “inside the intensely competitive and bizarrely fascinating world of pigeon racing.”

Meanwhile, the folks over at PETA are livid. PETA President Ingrid Newkirk says of Tyson’s breathtaking passion for his pigeons: “One wonders if Mike Tyson realizes that . . . these gentle, loyal birds who race their hearts out trying to get home to their life mates often end up lost in storms, or coming home just have their necks wrung for failure to beat their competitor’s time.”

The show will begin taping this spring in New York City and will debut on Animal Planet in early 2011. Click here or here for the full story. Photo Source


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