Lance Gross’s Subliminal Tweets

So, we all know (or @ least think we know) that our favorite couple (Eva & Lance) have called it quits. Even if we didn’t “know”, it seems that our friend Lance was sending subliminal tweets out to the universe giving us a heads up.

Yes it is true… about 9 hours ago via txt <==yesterday he wrote

It’s amazing the things you discover after the fact…. about 21 hours ago via web

Hmmmm, was he referring to Eva? Does he throw subliminal tweets out like the rest of us?  Or was he tweeting about something COMPLETELY different? Well, we love him and Eva all the same. I fell in love with Lance when he called one of DC’s biggest club owners a “snake.” It was the truth, but no one ever said so…but I digress 😉

Let’s wish Lance & Eva the best, and stay outta their business 😉

Update: Lance no likey Media Take Out and his Tweets are NOT subliminal.

What I’m saying is this, yes the split is real. But MTO comes up with reasoning that is false…<==he just tweeted. follow him @LanceGross


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