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Celeb’s Scene in Vegas: Jamie Foxx @ Rehab, Rihanna @ Studio 54, Beanie Siegel performing @ Studio 54, Mayweather Senior @ the MGM, Kendu & Mary J. Blige @ Studio 54, etc.


Lindsay (Lohan) throws Subliminal Tweets @ Girlfriend & Dad

I don’t know much about Lindsay Lohan, besides what I scan in the media. She seems like a pretty cool gal that goes through life, as we all do. Honestly, I can’t keep up though–drama w/ her dad, girlfriend dj, potential drug problem, I don’t know. Russell Simmons calls her misunderstood and says she quietly does humanitarian good. Nonetheless, peep her tweet below, subliminally venting on ex-girlfriend and dad:

Asked me, after being here jus for Timbalands birthday-to leave even though she stayed over just 2nights ago-tired of @samantharonson about 3 hours ago via UberTwitter

Playing the innocent card, while chatting to tmz just like my ex-father, when all I’ve ever done is fall for a girl about 3 hours ago via UberTwitter

Perez Hilton saw her tweet (about being kicked out of the club) and had this to say (via twitter of course): @lindsaylohan You probably deserved to get kicked out, honey. When will you acknowledge you have a problem? Love you but you’re a #mess!

(((I like her. Sue me.)))

New Music: BoB – Airplanes Pt.2 Ft. Eminem

New Music: B.O.B., “Airplanes,” featuring Hayley.

(((I like! Eminem kills-as usual! I like this Hayley chick too.)))

Dolphin General Manager to Wide Receiver: “Is Your Mother a Prostitute?”

Yesterday, Dolphin’s GM, Jeff Ireland, publicly apoligized for asking inappropriate questions of Dez Bryant.

“They asked me if my mom’s a prostitute,” Bryant told “No, my mom is not a prostitute. I got mad — really mad — but I didn’t show it. I got a lot of questions like that: Does she still do drugs? I sat and answered all of them.”

According to Yahoo, Bryant’s mother, Angela, had him when she was 15 and conceived his younger sister and brother within the next three years. She reportedly sold drugs and served a prison term while Bryant was a child. Bryant lived with different relatives and family friends at various times during his upbringing. Here for full story.

New Music:::Jay-Z on Maybach Music 2

Here’s the lost version of Jay-Z on Maybach Music 2. Download here. Thanks to Nah Right!

Brandi’s Mother Dishes Out Relationship Advice: “Until he or she puts a “ring” on it, you’re still single and free so have fun!”

Ray J/Brandi’s mother, Sonja Norwood, dishes on why young people shouldn’t rush into relationships. Peep her latest blog entry via vibe: I’m not a big believer in meeting an age deadline for marriage. I believe the old cliché of you must be married before 25, if a woman is to avoid being called an old maid, is just that – an old cliché. People shouldn’t apply pressure to others to settle into a relationship, especially marriage. This includes family members, extended family, or friends. Remember, you are the one that will live with that person of your choice every day. Therefore, it’s important that you make the exclusive decision on when your time is right and if the person you’re choosing is right for you. 

Love can be a beautiful thing if shared with that right person. If you have been dating for a while, you must know what type of qualities you expect in your partner’s character. If it takes you a while to find that person, it’s better to keep searching than to settle. 

The world is huge and has a lot to offer everyone. Many times our mistakes are made because we feel the need to rush. Ask yourself, whose deadline are you meeting…your own or someone else’s? 

I don’t apply pressure to my children to settle down if they aren’t ready. Relationships are personal and the decision to settle has to be made by the parties involved. My advice is that you explore…the world offers a sea of choices. Meet people from different walks of life, this helps you to get to know yourself and your own expectations of others within a relationship. By meeting people you get to know more about what type of person you want to love and what type of person can fulfill your needs. You should look for an everlasting partner and usually you will not find an everlasting partner on the first go round.

In my home, I stay out of that relationship arena with my children. I’m there when they want me to listen. I do have my opinions and when appropriate, I will voice them. Over the course of Ray J and Brandy’s dating, I’ve only met a couple of people that were considered serious. I think it’s healthy for them to meet different people. I don’t judge who they should meet, why should I? Truthfully, until you are married, your options are open. 

Enjoy life…enjoy finding the right person. Learn from each relationship…getting to know the character of a person, while dating, is crucial to your relationship in the future. If you’re dogged, used, misused and abused in your dating, mostly like you will be if married. Get to know the character of the person of your interests. Don’t try to change them either. You may be able to change the behavior of someone else for a short period of time, but you can’t change who they truly are; only the individual can change that in their own time. If you haven’t met your match, don’t be afraid to move on and explore more opportunities. There is a person out there whose life has naturally formed almost perfectly just for you. Be patient and don’t settle until you find them. 

When you find that ONE, love will be the foundation that will keep you together. Love + friendship will bring you through the storms of life and Love + friendship + God will keep you everlasting. So, get to know the inner-person you’re dating. If it last, be thankful and continue to work on your relationship – don’t easily walk away over small stuff, but if a relationship you enter doesn’t last, examine it to figure out what went wrong and learn from it. It’s okay to walk away…better to walk away now than to have settled into any relationship that will eventually lead to a breakup anyway. 

My desire for young people is that they aren’t pressured into settling and use their experiences to learn from each relationship – forming your own likes and dislikes to be better prepared for the next relationship. That means pay attention to the signs and don’t continue to accept behavior you don’t like from yourself or anyone else. Until you recognize the main issues of yourself, you will continue to choose future partners with similar traits. 

Never forget that until he or she puts a “ring” on it, you’re still single and free so have fun! 

“Mama Said”

(((Great advice!)))

Singer Olivia’s Back

Lately, we’ve heard very little from former G-Unit singer Oliva, but she’s opened up via Global Grind about the rumors, why she left G-Unit and what’s up her sleeve for the future.

Read a few excerpts below: I’ve been through a lot of trials,tribulations and rumors, and it’s made me a stronger person; I know this industry a lot better. Everybody wants to know what happened with me and my past situations in this industry. Everything that I’ve been through, I’ve been at labels where people didn’t know what to do with me. When I was at J, I was the VERY first artist signed. So I was the very first artist to be put out which means I was the guinea pig, I was the experimental one. I sold 500,000 when I was over there but in the general public it looks like a failure because they don’t know what happened.

At G-Unit, there were only rap people; not one R&B person, one A&R – everything was rap. So nobody really knew what to do with me. It was a little difficult. I had expressed wanting to leave before because it was like an R&B girl thrown into a rap thing. At that time, who wouldn’t wanna be signed to 50 Cent?! I was more than grateful that he called me and asked me to do it but it’s a stepping stone. I needed that to get to another place, and now I’m in another place where I’m gonna be bigger and better so it’s not like it hurt me.

After my situations, one would think people wouldn’t back me as much but it’s like they love me more and they wanna see me. So it’s a good thing for me because I wasn’t expecting that love. God gives you MANY blessings if you stick with your dreams, work hard and keep the faith. My world is getting a lot more perfect now that I’m seeing the fruition of my dreams. I appreciate everyone, thank you so much.