Whitney Houston’s Voice Questionable in Concert

Additional reports have come out that Aunt Whitney is still having vocal issues performing in concert. Here are some recent unfavorable reviews:

The London Evening Standard:
“Where once she soared, now she wheezes and croaks, bludgeoning her perfect pop single ‘I Wanna Dance (With Somebody Who Loves Me)’ into karaoke submission; stripping the moving ‘My Love Is Your Love’ of all emotion and inflicting grisly carnage on ‘I Will Always Love You’ (if she is late-period Judy Garland, this is her ‘Over The Rainbow’).”

The Independent:
“Her voice, seemingly about an octave deeper than the Whitney who sang the hits, is ragged and raw … Between songs, wheezing and panting and occasionally breaking into a scary Wicked Witch of the West cackle, she plays for time, breaking off to sign autographs.”

The Telegraph:
“When she then tried to perform a medley of her early songs, even her infinitely patient audience began to revolt. Houston placated them, as she repeatedly did, by acting like a spoilt girl — giggling, begging forgiveness, stamping her feet and then being momentarily brilliant again.”

Please peep the clip below and judge for yourself.

(((I’ve always been a Whitney fan and I’m a bit sad that she hasn’t bounced back vocally yet. I just don’t know y’all…)))


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