Singer Olivia’s Back

Lately, we’ve heard very little from former G-Unit singer Oliva, but she’s opened up via Global Grind about the rumors, why she left G-Unit and what’s up her sleeve for the future.

Read a few excerpts below: I’ve been through a lot of trials,tribulations and rumors, and it’s made me a stronger person; I know this industry a lot better. Everybody wants to know what happened with me and my past situations in this industry. Everything that I’ve been through, I’ve been at labels where people didn’t know what to do with me. When I was at J, I was the VERY first artist signed. So I was the very first artist to be put out which means I was the guinea pig, I was the experimental one. I sold 500,000 when I was over there but in the general public it looks like a failure because they don’t know what happened.

At G-Unit, there were only rap people; not one R&B person, one A&R – everything was rap. So nobody really knew what to do with me. It was a little difficult. I had expressed wanting to leave before because it was like an R&B girl thrown into a rap thing. At that time, who wouldn’t wanna be signed to 50 Cent?! I was more than grateful that he called me and asked me to do it but it’s a stepping stone. I needed that to get to another place, and now I’m in another place where I’m gonna be bigger and better so it’s not like it hurt me.

After my situations, one would think people wouldn’t back me as much but it’s like they love me more and they wanna see me. So it’s a good thing for me because I wasn’t expecting that love. God gives you MANY blessings if you stick with your dreams, work hard and keep the faith. My world is getting a lot more perfect now that I’m seeing the fruition of my dreams. I appreciate everyone, thank you so much.


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