Jermaine Dupri on Usher, Janet Jackson & New Artist

Jermaine Dupri recently chatted w/ Vibe about his feelings about producing Usher, Janet’s growth, and his new artist.

There was some talk that you were going to executive produce Usher’s latest album Raymond v. Raymond. Why didn’t it happen?
Well, I didn’t really want to be executive producer of Usher’s projects after Confession. Me as a producer, it’s kind of hard for me to go back into people’s projects when I gave you your biggest album ever…you sold more records than any other artist in this decade based on that album and now I have to ask you am I the executive producer of your next album? That seems disrespectful to me. Obviously, I’m looking at something different than everyone is looking at it whether it’s the label, the artist, management… whoever it is. I’ve had this same conversation with L.A. Reid, because I’m doing Mariah Carey’s album right now. And on her last album, I didn’t have one song on there. But I did Emancipation of Mimi and she sold more records than she sold in the last five years. What part of the game makes y’all not call me? But I’m not going to keep sticking my neck out. But I don’t feel like I’m supposed to ask to produce anymore. People are supposed to come to me and tell me that I’m the executive producer. That’s why I get more kicks working with younger artists.

Will you be involved in Janet Jackson’s next project?  I can tell you that she’s not working on an album. We just did the one song (“Nothing”) for the Why Did I Get Married Too soundtrack, which was released off of So So Def. Last time I heard she really didn’t want to do an album. She wanted to just do singles every once in a while. She’s looked at the marketplace—albums are not really doing what they usually do when you put all this budget out there. Janet is just trying to figure out her landscape. But the crazy part is “Nothing” is the biggest format record that I’ve ever had. It’s playing on seven different formats: gospel, AC, urban AC, urban mainstream, jazz and top 40 and rhythmic. I never had a record on a jazz station. I’m out here in LA and the biggest jazz station out here, The Wave, you know, that station when you go to hotels and you don’t know what station the radio in your room is on? This record is on that station [laughs].

How is Janet holding up? She’s cool. She has a lot of work going on that’s keeping her in the right direction. The movie came out, which is the biggest Tyler Perry movie he has had thus far. It looks like her star power as an actress is still there. And she’s about to do the other movie (For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf) with Mariah, Kerry Washington, Whoopi Goldberg and few others. They will be shooting that in June. And then she’s performing at the Essence Festival, so she’s rehearsing for that every day.

You recently re-launched your So So Def label as an independent imprint. One of those younger artists that you mentioned is pop R&B vocalist Dondria, who you discovered on Youtube. Right now, Dondria is my main focus. I had her for two years going back to when I was at Def Jam. When I discover a new artist, I try to figure out their niche. And while Dondria and Whitney Houston are so far apart from each other in terms of their careers, Dondria wants to be what Whitney became. I believe that that lane is opening up. Dondria doesn’t want to be Mary J. Blige. She wants to sing that big record. It took me a while to realize it and then I went into the studio one night and wrote “You’re The One.” This is my first new artist and single I’ve put out for So So Def independent. It’s a top 10 record right now and it’s a top 10 ringtone. The video even made no. 5 on 106 And Park. I’m excited to see it all happen. I’m really promoting her grassroots and making sure that everyone understands what she is about. She came to me with two million people watching her on YouTube. I had to connect both worlds.

Here for the full story. Photo Credit.


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