Basketball Wives–> Royce vs Gloria

Today, I had the pleasure of watching Episode 5 of “Basketball Wives,” which included quite an entertaining boxing match between Royce and Gloria. Apparently, Royce was under the impression that she and Gloria were good friends, until the other ladies politely informed her otherwise. To make a long story short, Gloria made comments about Royce, Royce had no idea and was upset. Fast forward to a self-defense class that includes a boxing match between Royce and Gloria. (((From what I saw, it looked as if Gloria slightly got the best of Royce. Keep in mind, Royce is smaller, but in some cases that’s a non-factor.))) Anywho, the cast mates took to twitter explaining that the show didn’t capture the entire fight and that in fact Royce “whooped” Gloria’s bleep. Here’s the Youtube Clip:

Royce tweets: I’m 5’3 98lbs she’s like 5’6 140lbs. Even tho they didnt show me kick her ass (which I did), look at her eye & Y am I pulled off? *MeSsAgE* about 2 hours ago via Twittelator

Suzie (castmate) tweets: @MinisterMP thank you and to clear the air…@Roycelr won that fight, she’s a mighty mouse…they didn’t show the good stuff : (

Evelyn (castmate) tweets: Royce hands down.. Editing is a mutha! Chance u take when u sign on 2 do these things..smh RT @Mitch_Aug: @FirstLadyEve guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl! LOL! Your expressions are too much! Who won the fight?

Shaunie (castmate & producer) tweets: RT @Roycelr: RT @MzFNittydaDiva @Roycelr so what you sayin…you whooped Gloria—-I kicked her ASS!>That’s what I heard 2! about 2 hours ago via UberTwitter


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  1. […] and viewers grew to love her as she allegedly gave Gloria Govan a run for her money during a boxing match (we love her for other reasons too, but this is my favorite reason […]

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