Tameka Raymond Blogs on Motherhood

Tameka Raymond pens a blog to God on motherhood (over at Global Grind). 

Dear God,

Thank you for each of my sons. I love them so much. I am absolutely enamored merely by their existence and I cannot imagine living my life without them. I realize that I was only the tender age of 19 when I decided to have my first child. It was a sensibly tough yet wise and necessary decision. Everyone told me I was not ready to be a mother, but I entered into this journey of Motherhood anyway. Armed with a brave heart, naiveté, an iron-will, and youth. I proceeded with the motherhood experience, it is what I have always liken or perceived a gang initiation to be- It was me being thrust blindly into a scary, multi faceted, fast paced, learning abyss. Nobody told me what to expect nor could they prepare me for life as a new Mom. None of my girlfriends, younger sisters, or cousins were parents at the time.

Luckily God, I had You to lean on, because after my son Darrin’s birth, I slipped into nearly a week long bout of the ‘New Mommy Blues’ (aka postpartum depression). I walked around both dizzy and aimless for that entire first week because I was so exhausted from being startled and awakened by the abrupt, siren-like cries of my newborn blasting my eardrums. I was totally unprepared. I was scared but I could only share my fears with You because I had to appear to be ready with Mom and Grandmom watching. You knew I was weak.bThrough my weakness, I gained strength… Being a new mom for me meant patience, a lesson in self-reliance, unwavering loyalty and unconditional love.

Here for full story. Photo Credit Fly Style Life.


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