Will Ferrell Goes In on Celebs

I’m not sure if this is his real page or not, but Will Ferrell is “going in” on celebs–Lil Wayne, Rihanna,Oprah, Perez and some more folks  via twitter.

Seriously Chris Brown needs new PR team to advise him. Why would you let him sing at a boxing match??? That just opens him up to every joke8:52 PM May 1st via web

Got a call from my manager to meet Paris Hilton, I got dressed up nicely only for it to be meeting with that fag @perezhilton6:06 AM May 4th via web

If twitter gives me this stupid fucking whale one more time…I’ma start swinging…I feel like its a subliminal msg to follow Oprah...5:19 AM May 5th via web

Lil Wayne is in jail? I just sent him 8 boxes of duct tape that should hold off ass rape for a good 2 months. Stay strong Wayne!6:16 AM May 6th via web

Lady Gaga wants to have sex with me, she said under one condition that I dress up like a terodactyl and put sprinkles on my dick. I accept10:37 AM May 7th via web

Photo Credit. (((This can’t be Will Ferrell…he’s not this funny.)))


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