Dude Steals Tyler Perry’s Credit Card & Charges $28,492.22

While on vacation, location TBD, Tyler Perry wrote on his web site that someone stole his credit charging plane tickets, Best Buy ish, Gift Cards, and some more stuff. Dude went all-out. The beauty of this is that Tyler Perry blogs about his vacation, mentions and lists that his credit card has been stole, and ends the blog, “Anyway, talk to you soon. Here’s a picture from my place in paradise.  Wish you were here.” Here for the full blog. Photo Credit. (((What happened to the days of a thief only purchasing gas and a pair of sneaks? My freshman year @ Morgan, “someone” stole my credit card, got groceries, gas, made purchases @ Cache AND got their hair done….What’s funny is, she was my actual friend! Let me stop. Still love her. Sidebar, my mom just noted how stupid it is to purchase airline tix w/ a stolen credit card. Who wants to show up @ the airport and get arrested en route to Ft. Lauderdale?)))


One Response

  1. First, any cyber thief will say to never purchase arline tickets online. You have to provide personal information in order to purchase tickets, and also provide identificaton to receive your boarding pass. You notice that all airline purchases on this list has names associated with them. The second set of Delta tickets indicate that he has first and last names, but chooses to only identify men by thier first name and last initial.

    The other charges are just random charges and none of that is helpful to find the individuals who did it. But maybe they are just random charges thrown in to make it seem that there were more to this than just these men flying around the country.

    Second, it’s obvious that he has the first and last names of those who purchased the tickets? Some list first name and last initial, and some list first initial, and complete last name. Seems like a concious decision, and why would you want to protect the privacy of these individuals who are obviously criminals and are being searched for by the police?

    Third, cyber criminals usually charge a lot of small amounts because if you overexceed the daily spending limit it will activate the banks security. So obviously if they are spending 7,000 on one purchase they had to know that it was under the limit of the card.

    Fourth, why would you post this information? Why not just say my card was stolen? Why list purchases and names? Could it be that Tyler is trying to head off some negative publicity coming his way. Possibly deny someone’s claims by simply saying his card was stolen? Or could it be that he did not report this to the police at all?

    Maybe he is just letting his “friend” know that he knows he used his card and if he comes out, he will press charges against him.

    Trust me, where there is smoke there is fire…

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