Evelyn of “Basketball Wives”, On Why She Stayed

Evelyn Lozada, of the popular reality show, Basketball Wives, opens up (via Global Grind) about ending her long-term (7 years) relationship and what took her so long to leave. Peep a few excerpts…”Obviously, in my last relationship I dealt with things that were not productive to the relationship; mainly cheating. Some would say that I stayed as long as I did because of money and they have a right to their opinion. The reality is I was in love! At first, I was in love with this person, but as the years went on, I was in love with the “idea” of having a great relationship. I was also hopeful that I could change my partner. Although he was a good provider and a positive father figure to my daughter, it did not change the trouble in our relationship…..I prayed for months that God would give me the strength to walk away, and that he would guide me into the right direction.  For me, the day finally came! I worked up the courage to leave my situation and start over.” Here for full story. Photo Credit.  (((Most adult women can related.)))


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