Jennifer Hudson, Terrence Howard to Play Nelson & Winnie Mandela

Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard will (hopefully) play the Mandelas in a biopic about their lives and story, but apparently, there seems to be some conflict on Mandela’s side. According to Page Six,Producer Andre Pieterse — having received a letter from Winnie’s lawyers — said the “well-researched” screenplay would be made “without any influence from any of the main characters.”

Some South Africans seem to be “unimpressed” w/ these two actors. According to the Creative Workers ‘Union President Mabutho “Kid” Sithole,”We are unapologetically unimpressed for a lot of reasons. But mainly we are asking one question: If we keep importing people to portray roles of our icons, when are we going to have our creative work develop? When will we see another Charlize [Theron] or a Zakes Mokae? They said they are looking for box-office success with these actors, but look at Sarafina with Whoopi Goldberg and Cry Freedom with Denzel Washington. It’s no guarantee for a box-office smash.” Here for full story. Photo Credit.

(((Sithole does have a valid point.)))


One Response

  1. who cares what they think? I’m sick and tired of south africans who feel like we owe them anything.They should be happy anyone cares enough for the movie to even be made..

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