Suzie of “Basketball Wives” Goes on Plastic Surgery

Apparently, it wasn’t enough that Suzie assaulted Sandra Lopez (also referred to as “Plastic Surgery”), who was briefly highlighted on “Basket Ball Wives”, on the Reunion Show. Today, she’s goes in via twitter about how Sandra Lopez (better known as Plastic Surgery) smells downtown. Peer her tweets below:

BREAKING NEWS!!!! I found out last night Plastic Surgery’s REAL nickname is 1st and Ocean!!! @REDCARPET_17 @Roycelr @FirstLadyEve @Shaunie_O about 1 hour ago via UberTwitter

Her “friends” nicknamed her 1st & Ocean bc a certain body part of hers smells so bad like the stench of low tide at 1st & Ocean in So. Beach about 1 hour ago via UberTwitter

Dead a** serious from a reliable source!!! RT @REDCARPET_17: I’m on the floor!! Hahaha!RT @Shaunie_O: @iLuvSuzie LMAO!!!! U r hilarious 30 minutes ago via UberTwitter

Some of u think I’m joking about “1st & Ocean”, but it really came from a reliable source who has known her for past 10 years! 20 minutes ago via UberTwitter

StraightfromtheA actually has photos of Sandra Lopez/”Plastic Surgery” with celeb Bigg Tigger 😉


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