Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives on Castmates, Wives Sticking Together

Jennifer Williams, of “Basketball Wives,” blogs on her cast mates and why basketball wives should stick together.  

“Basketball wives should stick together because of the fact that we’re all going through a similar situation. It’s not something you can explain to someone unless you’re going through it. That support system is needed where you can call the next wife [because] sometimes you just need someone to talk to and get your emotions out⎯not even just basketball wives but with anything. When you have a friend or someone you can talk to that’s going through a similar situation it just makes things a lot easier.

Royce was the newest bond I made from the show, and I kind of knew Suzie before but I got to know her better. As far as Evelyn and I, we’ve been through so much over the past 10 years so it’s just another experience under our belt. Gloria has issues with a lot of the castmates like Royce, Suzie and obviously Shaunie because of the situation with her sister, so she is definitely the black sheep.

I just feel like [Gloria] is so into trying to portray that she has this perfect life. I think that was her whole purpose of being on the show, which it’s whatever but I just feel like she doesn’t really come across as being real. I don’t have a major beef with her. I don’t like some of her ways but if I see her again I’ll be cordial. When you get thrown into the show this whole reality world none of us know what to expect. But at the same time I think we were all really real and open to our situation, and I just feel like [Gloria] wasn’t 100% honest.”

In other news, we can expect a second season of “Basketball Wives”–minus Gloria Govan. I’m sure they are already vetting for her replacement. Here for her full blog.


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