A Blogger’s Perfect Response to Slim Thug

Popular blogger, Miss Jia, responds to Slim Thug’s controversial Vibe article/blog…She went “in” on him via twitter and I loved every minute of it…My top 5 FAVORITE tweets in response to Slim are here:

@slimthugga if you find you some UPWARDLY MOBILE black women, you wouldn’t have to worry about YOUR stacks b/c they’d have their OWN $

@slimthugg Now everybody is looking at black women like “no wonder,” when it aint anything to wonder about…ALL OF US AINT THE SAME about 1 hour ago via web in reply toslimthugga

@slimthugg and truth be told, there are SEVERAL groupie ass white women out there too

FYI Im really not about to sit here and argue with a white chick about black women. I WONT do that. Dont even try me…..40 minutes ago via web

Bottom line…I don’t have an issue with preferences b/c we all have them. I have an issue with dissing what YOU are to explain said pref. 26 minutes ago via web


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