Diddy Calls Rick Ross the “Biggie of the South”

In a recent MTV interview, Diddy refers to Rick Ross as the, “Biggie of the South.”

“To me, how anybody ever wanna take it, he’s the Biggie of the South. Anybody can take it how they wanna take it,” Diddy said. “I heard his album. His album is a classic. I heard the Albert Anastasia; it has six joints y’all [DJs] should be playing right now. … He has the most exciting music in the streets right now, and he’s one of the realest n—as.”

Diddy goes on to explain why he’s coined Ross as such: “He’s a very unique artist. He’s bigger than just an artist; he’s a brand. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to work with him, because I felt like we could do bigger and better things. Having worked with Biggie, somebody that also was talking about things from the streets — I’m not comparing him to Biggie, before we start going down that road, but I am saying that there are similarities in the mental approach of a record that I do have a familiarity with.”


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  1. […] has recently launched a campaign to stop Diddy from exploiting the late Notorious BIG’s name. He’s created a Twitter-based petition here and it […]

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