Random Celebrity Tweets

Apparently, us common folk are not the only ones that tweet unnecessary, random thoughts. 

Pls peep some of the random celebrity tweets…

Via @LanceGross: ====>I dont have a girlfriend…8 minutes ago via web (((Yeah, we know.)))

Via @SOLANGEKNOWLES: ====>Im a zebra printed fortune teller.about 3 hours ago via web (((Hell, me too.)))

Via @MsTCaldwell (Bow Wow’s Mom): ===> Y’all I’m not feeling those big diamond chains. I remember when Bow was younger he wanted one so bad. I wouldn’t let him buy one… Lmbo about 23 hours ago via TweetDeck (((My mom is on Facebook; hope she never joins the twitter movement. Makes me uncomfortable.)))

Via @KELLYROWLAND: ====> @KimKardashian hey girl!!!! How was it? The laser hair removal, painful?? 10:45 PM May 31st via Uber (((Maybe she meant to DM this?? No biggie tho.)))

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