Beyonce Wears the Decorating Pants In the Household

It seems if there’s one thing Beyonce may run in her relationship with Jay-Z, it’s the decorative style of their 8,000-square-foot Tribeca penthouse. Jay wanted to buy a Laurie Simmons photograph, but Bey wasn’t impressed; he described it as “a noirishly lit pistol with a pair of women’s legs emerging from the handle… Beyoncé sent it back and had it replaced with a similar Simmons piece, only depicting a perfume bottle instead of a gun.”

Jay also briefly opens up about their work, “Sometimes on creative stuff, one of us will ask, ‘Do you think this is cool?’ She’s a magnificent A&R, if she ever decides to do that, for things like pitch. So I defer to her on those sort of questions.” He ends it with, they “pretty much stay out of each other’s business”.

Sidebar, apparently, Jay-Z one went to therapy, where the psychiatrist gave him tea that made him sleepy and asked questions like “who is your best friend?” My guess is, Jay never went back.


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