Confirmed–Lisa Wu Leaves “Real Housewives of Atlanta”

It’s been confirmed that Lisa Wu Hartwell will not be returning for the upcoming season of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. According to Wu’s publicist, Wu was not fired from the show, but the decision was mutual. Folks are saying that Wu didn’t want to be limited to a reality star and pigeon-holed into the scripted life that the show forces at times. According to Wu’s twitter page, she’s working on a DVD and is trying to get into acting (as they all do after reality shows). Set to replace Wu are Phaedra Parks and Cynthia Bailey.


Video…Rick Ross feat. Neyo “Super high”

Video…Kanye West Performs @ Twitter

Your boy Yeezy’s making his rounds promoting his upcoming album. The title is formerly known as Good Ass Job, but according to his twitter page (yes, your boy tweets), he’s working on a new title. After his Facebook appearance, he headed over to Twitter’s headquarters and did a similar acapella performance.

Recap: DC Ricky Ross “No Show” @ THE ROSÉ LOUNGE by MÖET & CHANDON


Meka (of Skin Beauty Lounge) Jasmine (The Jasmine Brand)

Last night, I attended Bright & Cook’s, MÖET & CHANDON event, at the Liaison Hotel. From my understanding (and everyone else’s), there was suppose to be an appearance or some type of listening party for Rick Ross’ Teflon Don album. Although earlier yesterday, a source had already confirmed that Ross would not be appearing, lots of folks were still expecting him. None of Ricky’s tweets mentioned his appearance either. Nonetheless, all was well.

The event took place on the hotel’s rooftop and featured non-stop complimentary Moet & Chandon. When I say non-stop, I mean non-freaking-stop. Besides the fact that it was hot as hell outside, lots of beautiful people showed up. Peep some photos below…

My night ended @ District w/ Wale performing.

Celeb Pix…Juelz & Son, Tearra Marie (…as “Samantha Jones”)

Juelz Santana w Son

Teairra Mari (channeling her inner "Samantha Jones"....)

Singer Bilal, Dishes Advice for Women, “Smell his balls.”

Ay, we’re adults here, so don’t get upset with me because Bilal is giving women tips w/ how to deal w/ a man that is suspected of cheating or uninterested…Having said that, Bilal sits down with WZAK and provides relationship advice to women…Sorta like a remix to, “He’s Just Not That Into You.”

1.  He says he’s going to call and doesn’t …Now I really don’t understand why anyone would do this but I guess it’s just to be cordial. I’ve never really taken someone’s number and not called.  Men probably do it just to be nice or maybe it was a one-night stand and he wants to keep it cool.  But if you meet a guy and he takes your number and doesn’t call you, he’s JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!

2.  Do men ever outgrow player mode? Yeah.

3.  All the way fully? Look … You’re only good as your last hit.  It depends on the dude and it depends on the woman he meets.  Most dudes don’t want to cheat.  They just don’t’ find the right person that makes them not want to cheat.

4.  It’s been a month of dates and he hasn’t tried to get me in bed …You’re either really intimidating or you’re just a turn-off.  Either way, you’re in the friend zone.  OR he’s one of those dudes that’s trying to turn you out. He’s trying to wait for you to go crazy and just attack him like “TAKE ME NOW!”  There’s always that cat that doesn’t like to make the first move and likes chicks to be on him.

5.  He says he’ll be home at midnight and comes home at 4am …Smell his nuts.

(…Well, there you have it. Here to peep more of Bilal’s wisdom…)

Celeb Pix…Brandi w/ Hairstylist, Bow Wow

Brandi With Hairstylist

Bow Wow Arrives to NYC for 106th & Park