Cast Photos…Ochocinco’s Dating Reality Show

Tonight, 32 year old Ochocinco’s reality show, Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch, premiers on VH1. From what I can tell, the only difference in this dating reality show is in how the cast members are eliminated. Dating in Ocho’s tournament will follow a bracket style competition. The girls will be ranked by Ocho in the first episode after he’s had a chance to spend some time with them. The girls are “matched up” based on their ranking and will competitively date based on those “matchups”. At the end of each episode the winners from each “matchup” will receive a “game ball” from Ocho and move on to the next round of the tournament and the loser will be sent home. In the end, the championship date between the two remaining women will result in Ochocinco awarding his girl the coveted Championship Ring and his heart. 

Watch how one of the cast members questions Cinco’s relationship with former Dancing With The Stars dance partner, Cheryl Burke.  

Here’s a snippet of what you can expect from this season:  

Here are photos of some of the cast members. How do I say this nicely? Ummm, I’m really unimpressed w/ how this cast looks, but maybe they aren’t photo-genic. Could we get just a tad bit more of color? (((Photos compliment of Reality Tea))) 
























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  1. […] Next group date, Ocho has his ultimate fans for the Cincinnati Bengals to choose which of the ladies are there for him. I must say, this was comical. You would think that coming on a show to win a football player’s heart that you would know a thing or two about the game. Tara, a 26-year old model, proved otherwise. She was grilled over what football teams she enjoys. “I like every team,” she said. And then a giant foam No. 1 hand fell out of her mouth because clearly she is a sports fan for the ages. She attempted to change the subject with this: “How pretty is that door handle on the house? Did you notice the door handles? So pretty.” From this group date, he chose Angela aka Ms. “Im every woman, it’s all in me”, a 22 year old manager/model and Jasmine, a 24 year old unemployed self-proclaimed hood chick. Ocho takes the ladies on a dinner date, unbeknown to them that their date is being broadcasted on UStream for fans to chose who he should eliminate. Now, I watched the actual date a month ago and was shocked to see the outcome on the actual show. Jasmine went straight for Ocho’s intentions on the show asking him what were his reasons for the show were and what really went down between him a Cheryl from “Dancing with The Stars” (see video here). […]

  2. […] I hope we’re good.  Either you fly with me or get flown over.  Love and let live.” Here are some of the cast photos from his […]

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