Ochocinco: Ultimate Catch Recap

Guest blogger, Yosh, recaps yesterday’s episode of Ochocinco’s Ultimate Catch. So last night’s episode of “The Ultimate Catch” was rather dry. I mean where’s the drama? Anyway, 16 ladies remain in the house as the battle for Ochocinco’s heart truly begins. Divided into two teams of eight, the women must compete against their teammates to be the last one standing. But, there is a twist to this show, unlike previous “For the Love of” shows. The winners suddenly realize getting a date with Ocho can be a blessing and a curse. Usually, the one-one-one date is the opportunity for the contestant to win over they person looking for love. For Chad Ochocinco, not so much. If Chad picks you to go on a one-on-one date, this means you have a 50/50 chance of being eliminated. This week, Ochocinco set up two group dates to figure out which one of the ladies is there for him. The first group date, Ochocinco gifts the ladies with white bikinis for a intimate pool party where each lady is asked “Why are you here?”. Each of them professed their undying love, but Ochocinco was not impressed. Even going on to say “I don’t even think they understood the question”. Come on Chad, what did you expect! From the responses, he chose Ericka, a 27 year old VIP waitress (who’s played the field with NFL players before, even ENGAGED!) and Emma, a 25 year old student who is a little to shy for my liking. He takes them on a helicopter ride to Santa Barbara for a lavish seafood dinner at one of Chad’s favorite restaurants. Religiously, he takes each lady by themselves to get to know better on a personal level, before bringing them together for a grilling session. Bring out the claws and let the bashing begin! Ochocinco asks each girl why they should be there and why the other girl should go home. Let me be the first one to say that throwing another chick under the bus for your own gain is just ridiculous. But, it wouldn’t be a show without it! I was actually impressed with their responses because neither one had a bad thing to say about the other.

Next group date, Ocho has his ultimate fans for the Cincinnati Bengals to choose which of the ladies are there for him. I must say, this was comical. You would think that coming on a show to win a football player’s heart that you would know a thing or two about the game. Tara, a 26-year old model, proved otherwise. She was grilled over what football teams she enjoys. “I like every team,” she said. And then a giant foam No. 1 hand fell out of her mouth because clearly she is a sports fan for the ages. She attempted to change the subject with this: “How pretty is that door handle on the house? Did you notice the door handles? So pretty.” From this group date, he chose Angela aka Ms. “Im every woman, it’s all in me”, a 22 year old manager/model and Jasmine, a 24 year old unemployed self-proclaimed hood chick. Ocho takes the ladies on a dinner date, unbeknown to them that their date is being broadcasted on UStream for fans to chose who he should eliminate. Now, I watched the actual date a month ago and was shocked to see the outcome on the actual show. Jasmine went straight for Ocho’s intentions on the show asking him what were his reasons for the show were and what really went down between him a Cheryl from “Dancing with The Stars” (see video here).

Angela sat back rolling her eyes because Jasmine was running the date. Ocho wasted no time in asking them why the other should go home and Angela definitely knew it was her time to dig in. Constant shots were taken at Jasmine (“I don’t need you, She’s the type that would need you”), while Jasmine focused her argument on who would be right for his kids (Chad has few of them). It’s clear that the Ustream comments didn’t aid in Ocho’s decision because he eliminated Angela.

One thing I like most about this show is the elimination ceremony. The fact that a maximum of four girls are up for elimination each episode means that we don’t have an endless elimination segment full of repetition and iterations of, “I like this girl because…”. Also, we don’t have to sit through months and months of the show being dragged out for a few rating. I’ll definitely be tuning in next week to see who’s moving close to be Ochocinco “Ultimate Catch”!


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