T.I. Stays Out of the Club, Wants to Retire, & Is Not a Fan of Kid Cudi (yet)

T.I. chats w/ Complex. Recap: T.I. doesn’t club much these days, he’s considering retiring, he’s not a fan of Kid Cudi (yet), he arranged the meeting for Jeezy and DJ Drama to sit down, and everybody in jail hearts True Blood. I’ve included what I consider interesting–

Are you a fan of any of the other new artists in the rap game, like Kid Cudi or Wiz Khalifa? T.I.: Who? Wiz Khalifa. T.I.: I don’t know him. Kid Cudi, I haven’t heard enough. I like Donnis. I think Yelawolf got outstanding talent and potential. I’ve been knowing him. Drake’s the shit.
In terms of making changes in your life to avoid getting into trouble again, did you cut down on going to clubs? T.I.: I don’t go out as much. Is that an age thing or to stay out of trouble? T.I.: Both. When people know when to expect you, they can plan for you. If they don’t know when to expect you, and you pop in and pop out, you can show up and kick it for a little while, and they can’t really plan for that. And I’m just uncomfortable having no tool. Even when I have security. I’m more comfortable knowing there’s one around—but not having one myself, being used to having one for so long and being in places and around people that I know got ’em, I’m just uncomfortable. So I stay out of that environment as much as possible.
Were you happy to see two of your good friends, Young Jeezy and DJ Drama, put aside their differences? T.I.: I thought that was real big of both of them. I started the idea of them sitting down and speaking. We all sat down, but it seemed to unravel shortly thereafter. It was either Jeezy’s homeboys or Drama’s homeboys, or something Jeezy said, or something Drama said—maybe it was something said before the sitdown that came out after. I think it was just a matter of time. It’s only so many tickets you can sell to the feud. It’s only so long motherfuckers even care about beef unless it escalates and escalates. Now, it’s in both parties’ interest to unite for the same reasons, like Jay and Nas. People look for dramatic events, and another dramatic event is when you get together.
Do you and Gucci have any kind of personal relationship at all? T.I.: I recognize potential and talent and opportunity. But as far as a personal relationship, I don’t have his phone number. We don’t talk on the phone every day. But I wish him nothing but the best.

Full article here.


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