Trina Defends Outfit Selection

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Apparently, some people were on twitter expressing some unflattering remarks about the outfit that Trina rocked at Rick Ross’ album release party in Miami. Sounds like she was a lil pissed about it; she tweeted “Facts: Yes I wore a Bebe dress to Ross party the Kardashian collection w/ my Red “Dorthy” wizard of oz shoes! Dress Bebe $79. Necklace Vera Wang $700. Shoes Loubitins $3500. Bag Britto $6000. HATERS.COM Lmao!! Get a life people!!! Status= CASH OUT. Sorry guys gotta go there sometimes! It’s not the price of what u wear it’s how u feel while wearing it. The cost of inner beauty= PRICELESS.” (….not that you asked, but I have that same dress…best believe i only paid $79 for it too….i thought she looked effing fabulous!)


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