Twitter Beef Tracy Porter vs. Ochocinco

This week’s celeb twitter beef is between NFL players…Tracy Porter (of New Orleans) and Cincinatti Bengals’ Chad Johnson, also known as Ochocinco. The season is ramping up and so is the trash talk…Looks like Tracy “may have” started it (in response to a comment made by Chad), “Lol u a funny lil dude…just don’t quit like u did againt Revis…Man to all yall out there aint nobody worried about Chad Johnson..he just wants attention I have other ppl on my schedule b4 him..”

He then goes on to say, “man look here lil dude..u heard what I said u wanted the attention like a lil 5 year old so u got. Don’t tell me nothing til december..til then u need to #focus elsewhere…boy the only one who let this ring to their head is YOU…u asked for the attention off of what another person said…if I had something to tell u I would tell u n yo face not on the internet.”

Chad, the ultimate trash talker, of course had a response, “okay you won a ring, congrats, you still gone get ate up in december, tango sucka…you sound dumb, insult me with nonsense again im gone embarass yo ass for real and take this shh personally.” He ended it with, “well fool its on now, you done let that ring go to yo head now you think you Prime Time, its personal now #onmymoma #WAMW

(….on the low, i sorta kinda feel like Ocho was dead serious towards the end….)


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