Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Gives Ochocinco’s Show the “Middle Finger”

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How does Evelyn of Basketball Wives REALLY feel about Ochocinco’s reality show, The Ultimate Catch?

Evelyn tweeted, “Fu*k u and ur bullshit ass show! No one cares “boo boo.”

Now we know, Chad wasn’t gonna let that slide, “you just mad i wont date you, and hell no you can’t get none of this boo boo! Child please….i bet you in front of the TV watching VH1 right now waiting on me to come on in 10 minutes, grab your bullet n keep dreamin!” Ocho tweeted.

And to this, Evelyn replies, “After seein those lames on ur show who I’m sure u smashed I much rather use my bullet…beeeach!”

(….the bullet though? In real life, they prolly was laying boo’ed up next to each other tweeting this for entertainment….it’s called sexual tension…none of us believe you–you need more people…)

Catch Yosh’s recap of Ocho’s show in the a.m.!


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  2. […] apparently, during Chad’s show, Evelyn was speaking negatively about Chad’s cast via twitter. In addition to that drama, VH1 was pissed about Chad publicly making purchases for women and […]

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