Trina Does Miami Tonight, Continues to Defend Outfit

Because Trina’s a rockstar in my eyes and “Baddest B%$^@” is still my favorite female rap song (Go ahead, Judge me), my Miami friends MUST see her tonight at Cameo. Tonight, Trina’s  headlining the first date of XXL magazine and Rémy Martin’s nationwide concert series, XXL Live  in Miami’s Cameo Theatre. Tomorrow, the tour will hit DC, where Wale performs at Club District at 10 p.m. (Wale, please curse all you like here!!!)

In other Trina news, folks are still going “in” on Trina’s outfit from Ricky Rozay’s album release party. Miss Jia posted an open-letter (on behalf of someone else) giving Trina’s outfit and record sales the business. Apparently, Trina caught wind of it and continued to defend her outfit and gave all of you bloggers (**blinking**) the middle finger via twitter,  “I would love too see what all these dam bloggers look like and what they wear? Hmmmm (makes funny face) I’m sure a HOT a$$ mess!!!! Lmao!;)” about 21 hours ago via web (…<=hey Trina, on the low, we bloggers keep you & other folks relevant…not to mention i loved the damn outfit!….i still love you tho-maybe.)


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