Confirmed w/ Photos….Tiny & T.I. Finally Marry in Miami

Just last week, folks were reporting that both Tiny & T.I. had married in Hawaii. For awhile, the couple has  tried to keep their wedding details private, but it’s been confirmed that the couple made it official last night at Miami’s Star Island. Some of the celebs that were confirmed  in attendance were, Antonia Carter (Weezy’s ex-wife/baby mamma) and daughter Reginae, Kandi (formerly of the R&B group, Xscape and currently on RHOA), Lil Duval, Atlanta rapper’s, Rasheeda and Diamond, and R&B Singer Monica.  

Apparently, Diamond missed the “don’t take photos at my wedding memo,” because she snapped one of the couple..  

Tiny and Tip Dancing @ Wedding


Apparently, the couple thought that they had everything under wraps. Lil Duval tweeted, “Bout to head to this wedding that everybody swear nobody knows about smh. it’s so hush hush” about 15 hours ago via Echofon  

Kandi tweeted, “We’re having so much fun! I wish I could tweet pics but I’ve been forbidden” about 5 hours ago via UberTwitter  

The couple did not allow any of their guests to take pictures  (or @ least tried to enforce this), but here’s a photo (thanks to Lil Duval) of where the ceremony took place. Peep the runner…  

Tiny & TI's Wedding Ceremony (Lil Duval)


Here are some photos of the wedding guests:  

Monicaa, Diamond, Kandi, Rasheeda & Toya Carter


Lil Duval and Rasheeda



According to MTV News, the couple is scheduled to have a ceremony also in Atlanta and Vegas. Congrats to the couple! More info lata!


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