Episode 4–>Ochocinco: Ultimate Catch Recap

Hello lovers of all things Ochocinco. I have a confession that I must get off of my chest before I begin. Each week I’ve discovered that I too am falling, for Ocho. Yes, it’s true. And now that T.O. has joined the Bengals, I’ll really be watching ESPN this fall. This week’s episode opens up focusing on the division in the house. Let’s remember what we’re here for ladies, Chad!

Instead of Ustream, he shows up at the house letting the blue team know the group date will be with LA Galaxy, learning soccer drills. Before the group date, Tara pulls Ocho to the side to explain herself and why the ladies in the house gossip about her. He’s no dummy so he’ll figure out this chick very soon.

After watching the girls make total fools of themselves on the field, he takes a private jet to San Francisco with #1 seed Rubi, a 28 year old party promoter from Chicago and #16 seed Candace, a 23 year old secretary from the boonies of Illinois. He is totally smitten over Rubi and it shows!



He takes them on a picnic (Chad is too smooth) and begins to engage them in a brainless conversation. Here’s how the conversation went.

Chad: If there’s one thing that you could change about the show, what would it be?

Candace: 16 other girls (meaning it would just be her on the show)

Rubi: Speed it up (meaning speed up the damn process)

Candace: Why speed it up when you have to get to know him?

Rubi:  We can do that afterwards

This girl-Rubi-is overly confident and Chad loves it. He takes Candace to the side and she does some typical dry-snitching and informs him that Rubi has alternative motives appearing on the show (she’s a a popular party promoter). Contrary to what Candace reveals, Chad is unconcerned.

One thing I did like about Rubi is that she didn’t pop off about Candace. She could’ve definitely pulled that card about her having sidebars with T.O (side eye).

After this, Chad does his typical gift-giving thing and laces women with new dresses and dinner. Dinner was pretty uneventful w/ Rubi being aggressive and Candace taking verbal jabs at Rubi’s character.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Lisa’s grandfather is terminally ill and must choose going home instead of staying on the show. She lets him know she is going to go home and take care of her family. This now advances Heather forward, BUT she will have to go head-to-head (think brackets folks) with Tara.

The red team gets taken to Dave & Buster’s. Watching them during @ D&B’s was thee driest date ever. Chad awarded the woman with the most tickets, Laurice, with alone time. Instead whoever gets the most Again, more boredom.

Fast forward to eliminations—Rubi vs. Candace. And the winner is….Rubi. I mean really are you surprised?

This was the most boring episode thus far so check back next week as I recap who else moves forward on Ochocinco’s Ultimate Catch! Hopefully we can get some more cattiness. Don’t judge me!


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