Real Housewives of DC Premiere!

Last night, the Real Housewives of DC premiered. And while some scenes made me cringe, I’m interested in seeing how different story lines unfold. Obviously, the fact that there was only one African-American, Stacie Turner, cast member and only one actual DC resident was a bit shocking to me. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one that was shocked about the lack of diversity in the cast. Check out what Stacie had to say about the casting and other show elements.

Are you originally from D.C.? I grew up in Alexandria, Va., went to Howard University, moved around a bit and settled here with my husband in 1997.

When you were officially cast on the “Real Housewives of D.C.” did you know you were the only woman of color and how did you feel when you found out? I was surprised because D.C. is such a diverse city and it is known as Chocolate City. I expected there to be other nationalities on the show and there weren’t. I feel additional pressures and really hope that I represent well. However, we interact with so many people on the show that I feel like viewers will get a great flavor for the city and the different circles people flow in.

What cast member are you closest to? Surprisingly, Catherine. If you see the first episode you probably wouldn’t think so. We didn’t know each other when we started filming, and in the beginning we butted heads. I actually find her refreshing now.

If you missed the drama that took place on The View the other day between Whoopi and Salahi, click here.

Here’s a pic of the cast (minus the obvious Salahi) at The Madison hotel’s premiere party, hosted by 5th Half Yard Productions,Folks are reporting that the ladies partied it up after the show premiered.

Photo compliments of DC Fab

More pics lata! Compliments of Shy Magazine, here are some pics of Michaele Salahi’s OWN premiere party last week at EFN Lounge.


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