Updated:::Idris Elba, Tip Do D.C. Promo + Tip Mum on Wedding

Last night, the screening for the new movie, “Takers” took place in DC at Georgetown’s AMC Theater.      

TI @ Takers Premiere (Compliments Gossipcenter.com)

 Here’s the trailer:       

Update: After the screening, Idris Elba dj’ed @ dc’s new club, Eden (the old Eye Bar). Raheem Devaughn, Wale and T.I. also partied on Eden’s rooftop. According to my girlfriend, there were groupies all over the place (are we surprised?)–nothing wrong with that. We all hafta eat. And according to Page Six, Tip doesn’t like cigarette smoke, nor women that smoke. Apparently, Tip ordered 18 bottles of Ciroc (who’s counting) and when a girl in VIP lit up a jack, he politely (he’s sourthern, so I’m assuming he’s polite) asked her to one herself. The end.     


Idris Elba Dj's (Compliments of Ryan White, DT Nation)

Idris and Promoter Mitch (Compliments of Ryan White/DT Nation)

Wale (Compliments of Ryan White/DT Nation)

Raheem Devaughn (Compliments of Ryan White, DTNation)

(Compliments of Ryan White, DT Nation)

This morning  Tuesday morning, Tip stopped by Bigg Tigger’s Morning Show. The interview focused on his upcoming movie. Tigger attempted to throw a subtle wedding congratulatory to Tip. Tip politely said “thank you,” but shut the subject down. (….Good for him. We saw the damn bootleg wedding photos-enuff….) I’ll post the audio and photos lata.


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