Dear DC, Who Stole Fabolous’ Car?

While partying this past weekend in DC, one of Fabolous’ cars were stolen. Apparently, it was recovered.

Fab tweeted, ” In other news.. My turtletop van was stolen in DC this weekend.. They informed me they found it 2day.. Ppl still steal cars?? #WhoDoesThat I mean, if u wanted to ride in the Turtletop Van, jus ask… I woulda said No.. But thats the better way 2 go about it…LOL.”

(…the person that stole Fab’s turtletop is the same person that stole my damn eggplant ford taurus back in 2003…i’m still hot about that…yes, i use to whip an eggplant tauras w/ no car note…judge me…)


3 Responses

  1. Where do I go to get celebrity news??…Worldstarhiphop, Yoraps, and THE JASMINE BRAND…i really like the site Jaz! Keep it up

  2. Didnt Fab have his car stolen here before? Or was that some other flamboyant rapper? Do you remember Jas?

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