Bossip vs. Russell Simmons

Popular gossip web site, Bossip and Russell Simmons seem to have gotten into a virtual argument of sorts. Apparently, Bossip referred to Simmons as Blood Diamond Russ on their home page. Bossip was attempting to link Simmons’ African involvement and Naomi Campbell’s recent high-profile testimony in the blood diamond war crimes trial.

Simmons took to Global Grind to defend his reputation and contradict Bossip’s allegation. “I have come to a breaking point with Marve Frazier and her website, Bossip.  She has put my life at risk, by incorrectly naming me Blood Diamond Russ, and by associating me with any part of the blood diamond industry.  After being assured by Marve personally that she would stop after I explained the death threats I received because of her lies, she  continues to do it.  Carelessly, she thinks it’s okay to put my reputation at risk, but more importantly my life as well.  I have raised millions of dollars in gifts and services to give to Africa through a charity I founded, The Diamond Empowerment Fund, and through various other charities I have helped in Africa, and have never taken a nickel  from Africa.  I don’t make money from Africa, I give money to Africa. Nelson Mandela personally urged me to work with South Africa and Botswana to promote a conflict-free diamond trade that is the lifeblood of many hardworking peaceful communities in those two countries.  I have honored that commitment and speak to everyone in the jewelry business about the importance of giving back to the communities and working only with diamonds that have been certified by the Kimberly Process.  As a UN Goodwill Ambassador to the Permanent Memorial Of The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, I take my work in Africa quite seriously.” Read his full response here.


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