Kanye Wests Stops by Angie Martinez–Talks Twitter, Why He Doesn’t Have a Cell Phone, Taylor Swift & More

Yeezy stopped by Angie Martinez’s Show last night. He spills the beans….

On Amber Rose, “It was an amazine time and it came to an end…” (at 25 minute mark)…but continue to listen because he clearly gives her compliments on what he learned from Rose.

He talks about:

  1. why he likes twitter,
  2. his upcoming 5th album, 
  3. handling the death of his mother through the Glow in the Dark tour, interning at Fendi  (yes, INTERNING),
  4. why he doesn’t have a cell phone (…he only does email and has a home phone…),
  5. why Minaj has the potential to be the #2 album (…he accidentally mentions that Nicki does a verse on his upcoming album…),
  6. the theory of being a genius,
  7. his Taylor Swift moment,   
  8. and drops his new single…

By the way, his album is slated to drop November 16th!!!!


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