Adult Content….5 Reasons Why Women Should Visit the Strip Club

By Guest Blogger, Yosh…I’ll be bringing you a recap of Ochocinco’s Ultimate Catch tomorrow, but decided to share something a little more relevant from this past weekend. Let me first start by saying The Jasmine Brand’s favorite line–> Please. Judge Me.

This past weekend, Saturday to be exact, my girls and I visited Baltimore’s popular gentleman’s club, the 2 o-clock club, to check out a popular porn star and stripper, affectionately called Cherokee D’Ass. In honor of the growing trend of women attending female strip clubs, here are 5 reasons (as if you need them) on why you too, ladies, should visit:

1. It should be on every girl’s bucket list- You’ve seen them on tv, heard your favorite rapper “make it rain” on them and YOUR man is in love with one at your local joint. What is all the hoopla about? Might as well go see for yourself right?

2. Plain and simple, women go to strip clubs because that is where the men are. The average club night is predominately women. The average strip club night is predominately men. Women will go anywhere they know there are men even if they may not enjoy it. Strip clubs, football games, basketball games, fight parties, etc.  Nothing turns a woman on more than a man who has money to blow and doesn’t mind spending it.

3. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em- How many times have we watched The Player’s Club and thought that you could walk in Diamond’s shoes? We participate in pole dancing classes and purchase portable poles to spice it up a little more for our men. These tricks are certainly not what our mother’s taught us to keep a man happy, so we gather the girls and head to Norma Jean’s to get some first hand tricks of the trade.

4. Curiousity killed the cat- Most women won’t admit it, but at some point in life they’ve looked at another woman and thought she was ‘bad.’ Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good. Just like your man is attracted to big butts, you take that glance to confirm if her butt is bigger than yours. What happens when you want to take another peak? Does that make you bisexual? Visit a strip club to begin exploring your sexuality. Nothing is wrong with it. Who’s goin to know what you’re there for?

5. It makes a great date- What way to show a man you have confidence and a sense of humor than going to the strip club for a date. Ever wonder how men act in a room full of women without you being there? Just imagine if you were. Does he laugh it off and ignore all 31 flavors around him? Or does he offer to buy you a lap dance? Some women are merely curious about how their men conduct themselves while at the strip club. Even though they understand that all men are not alike, their behavior can indeed be an eye-opening experience. They may not have any ulterior motives; they are just eager to put certain stereotypical ideas to rest.

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