The Brain’s Behind, DC’s “Fortune 500” Event


The city’s been buzzing for the last few weeks about an upcoming party–The Fortune 500 Event. According to the brainchild and promoter behind the event, Mitch Mathis, the event isn’t your typical party. The Fortune 500 Event is an exclusive invite-only event, themed appropriately, For the Young, Rich, Out of Control & Socially Responsible. On Saturday August 21st, 2010 from 10 p.m.-3 a.m., DT Nation presents their premier “FORTUNE 500 Event” at MIO, 1110 Vermont Ave, NW Washington DC 20005.        

Mathis, CEO of Dream Team, LLC and DT Nation, explained, the event concept. “I’m young, motivated and goal oriented. I work hard and like to party hard. Most DC based parties attract people because they have a particular celebrity connected to the event. And quite frankly, sometimes that’s not enough; that’s not what partying should be about.” Mathis continued to explain, “Partying should be about bringing like-minded people together; where everyone feels comfortable to get loose and authentically enjoy themselves. Don’t get me wrong, there may be a few celebs in the building, but that’s not the entire Fortune 500 experience.”         


Idris Elba & Mitch Mathis, compliments of DTNation


In addition to this being an exclusive event, there’s a socially responsible element involved. Mathis has partnered with DIVAS Making our People Healthier (MPH), a community based organization helping people achieve total health and wellness. “I partnered with DIVAS, MPH because of the honorable work that they do for women on a community level. I’ve seen the type of work that they do first-hand and how they consistently give back to women and girls.” DIVAS, MPH focuses on health and wellness programs like HIV/AIDS awareness, stress management, mental health, financial fitness and other pressing health issues.        

Outside of the socially responsible element, I had one pressing question of Mitch. WHAT’S A GIRL TO WEAR??!! After explaining what he’d be wearing (we’ll keep it a secret), he provided some suggestions. “I want everyone to wear what they feel GQ in. Something high-end, but still funky. This is not a ‘stuffy’ event, but you must look special.”          

How does one get tickets to the event? You have to know someone, that knows someone, that knows someone else. In order to access the web site and details about the event, you’ll need a password.        

(…quite frankly, I’m excited…I’ll post updates and pix after the event….) 


4 Responses

  1. I’m excited too, if you got the password hook a sista up, I can do sme serious networking!

  2. Great Post!
    Thanks again luv! Cant wait to meet you

  3. Awesome post! Divas, MPH members should have received their exclusive invitation and password today.

    Be happy. Be healthy. Be one of the Fortune 500.

    Miss. Madie

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