Recap: Ochocinco’s Ultimate Catch. “It’s Cold in Them Hills”

Guest blogger, Yosh, will be back next week for the recap, but don’t you fret. I’m here! By the way, she’s blogged about the inner and outer freak in us all.

Until she returns, check the recap below.

There are eight girls remaining in the competition: Heather, Tara, Jasmine, Brittany, Courtney, Tiphani, Ericka and Rubi (…Sidebar–Courtney is a ‘cat lady’ gross…)

Chad takes his Elite 8 to Big Bear Mountain, where they fish and some more boring stuff in the cold. For the date, Chad chooses Courtney and Tiphani. He takes them out on a ‘romantic’ boat ride for their date. Courtney clearly is not use to sharing a man and doesn’t like sharing Chad with Tiphani. (….Sidebar, Chad does this corny ass Little Johnny Joke that is TERRIBLE….yawn fest!) Poor Courtney doesn’t get Tiphani’s joke (some random nacho cheese joke that Chad thinks is funny) and looks like an oddball. To summarize, Chad seemed more interested in Tiphani, as they both tell terrible jokes.

Courtney (the cat lady)

Tiphani (the late Aaliyah look alike)

After returning in the evening and during a group date with the eight girls, Chad shares a personal story w/ the girls about how his grandmother raised him, gave him advice, blah, blah, blah (it was a genuine story, but I’m over this episode….) All of the girls share personal stories except the predictable sarcastic Tara.

Moving along, Chad gives Courtney and Tiphani individual dates…drum roll please– a full 5 minutes. During their conversation, Chad refers to Tiphani as his ‘friend.’ Yikes. During the other date, Chad and Courtney get all ‘kissy-face’ during their individual date (for 5 minutes). Fast forward, Tiphani gets insecure and dry snitches on Courtney (Jasmine and the other girls actually encourage Tiphani to throw Courtney and her cats “under the bus”). Tiphani tells Chad that Courtney doesn’t really want to ‘be there’ for him and that she’d rather be home w/ her cats.

Date number 2 is between Tara and Heather.

Tara (Doesn't She Look Sarcastic?)


They go on a lunch date, where Tara does this comical prayer over their food. An argument between Tara and Heather ensues over who’s the best girl. Clearly, Tara wins this argument.

Chad does the elimination out Big Bear. He decides on Tiphani vs Courtney and Tara vs Heather. He sends Heather home, along with Courtney.

(…Lord willing, next week we’ll be back to our regular scheduled programming…Thank you and good night.)


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