Adult Content…Ochocinco Shares Virginity Story via Twitter

Ummm, yeah, so Chad got his tweet on last night and shared how he lost his virginity…

He tweets, “Lonely times like now i think back wonder where’s the individual that took my virginity, i’ve been emotionally scared ever since 😦 I wish y’all were there when i lost my virginity, she was like 220 with afro puffs, cute though, she put me in the head lock n had her way. I remember being really scared and shaking like a teacup Yorkie, she was aggressive throwing me around like a rag doll, i felt so helpless. Im glad i could share something so dear n close to my heart with you all,please don’t laugh, it wasn’t funny when i was screaming 4 help.”

(get off my phone….)


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