Chad Ochocino & “50 Tyson” Are BFF’s

I blame comedian Kevin Hart for all this attention to wanna-be rapper “50 Tyson.” Now, Ocho, who wants to be a rapper, and ’50 Tyson’ are bff’s and have been tweeting each other.

They were tweeting each other back and forth about making and writing music, football, blah, blah. Chad tweeted ’50 Tyson’, ” bruh i can’t sleep, i want to big like Lil Wayne or Jay Z one day in the rap game, i used to ghost write for Craig Mack…. you 50tyson im ochocinco, me and you do a collaboration we could take over the rap game #realtalk”

Sidebar, not only is 50 Tyson into rap, he also is a church going man. He tweeted, “i swag then i surf!!!the pastor gonna get crunk at chruch today itsonly right to delete my twitter page after this lol…yall tell me what yall want me to do at chruch? i might make it rain their…if i do the robot when the choir go in on those songs at chruch it a wrap im shut shit down at church…”

’50 Tyson’ also gives great advice for you heathens that don’t attend church, “god dont jude u on what u wear to chruch he said just bring ur ass to the nearst one.” (…i kept his typos in, but y’all know what the hell he’s saying…don’t be smart.)


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