Chad Plays VH1, Dating Basketball Wives Evelyn (Duh!)

Chad & Evelyn


According to twitter, TMZ and our very own observations, Chad may be ‘dating’ Basketball Wives’ star, Evelyn. Back in July, we saw them flirting via twitter and I called ’em out on that.    

Let TMZ tell it, Chad has been dating Evelyn for the past few months. VH1 is pissed. Not only because he’s been dating someone, other than the cast members of his show, but because he ends up not picking any of the women on his show. Is it true? Is he NOT going to pick any of the chicks from his show? VH1 tells TMZ, “We cannot comment on possible story lines regarding series currently airing or in production.”    

Check how we saw them flirting via twitter a few months ago.


2 Responses

  1. […] VERY clear who he’s going to pick next week (..Although we hear his real-life love interest is Basketball Wives’ Evelyn…) I’ve seen it throughout this entire season. But, you’ll have to check back next week for the […]

  2. […] We knew it. Here’s the interview that Tiphani did about Ochocinco’s Ultimate Catch. During the interview, she talks about if her feelings for Chad were real, how he REALLY likes or liked Rubi…she then continues to confirm that who Chad REALLY picks is Evelyn from VH1′s Basketball Wives. […]

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