Branded Adult Friendly–Tahiry’s A$$ is Famous…Literally

Tahiry, Joe Budden’s ex-girlfriend, is loved by many men–for obvious reason. The girls body is sick, especially from behind.

Fab took to twitter and made her butt (…ladies don’t curse virtually…) a trending topic…Here are my top 5 favorite TTT from @myfabolouslife about Tahiry’s a$$:

#TahiryAssAkaYou couldn’t hide me in Hammer Pants”

@GarySupaFlyness @myfabolouslife #TahiryAssAka “No One Ass Should Have All That Power”.

#TahiryAssAka “the weapon of mass distraction”

@GrigaBzebwy21: #TahiryAssAka “Rap mags try and use my fat ass..So advertisers can give ’em more cash for ads, fuckers”

@MarDaBarber: #TahiryAssAka “i didnt mean 2 knock that over”


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