50 Cent’s Goes Ape S**t on Twitter, Goes on Necole Bitchie, Kat Stacks, Miss Info

I don’t know who or why 50Cent took to twitter to release a bunch of jibberish, but apparently someone’s pissed him off. Today, he took to twitter to go in on blogger Necole Bitchie, Kat Stacks, Chris Lighty and some other folk. 

Peep his tweets below:

On Soulja Boy: “Soulja Boy my little nigga They just cought him snow mobilingIts cool. I got a nigga dat a handle dat kat stacks bitch  for him right quick”

On Necole Bitchie: “I got a gun on me now nigga do something I’m Strapped oh that necole bitchie bitch talking Bout me oh its on…Necole bitchie you just hurt my feelings See dat I tried to be nice throw you a little shot Out dam you owe me a apology…What’s taking you so long say sorry bitch..”

On Chris Lighy: “Chris lighty fired fuck that I’m startin overMy new cd gone kill I said its gone kill motherFucker”

On Miss Info: “Missinfo you need to let me hit dat So I can get rid of that ciara rumorI like fine asian girls let me spank dat ass lol”

(….Either someone hacked 50’s account, he’s on that shit or is begging for attention. In either case, its amusing, but kinda corny. On the low, I’m kinda offended that he called her a bitch. Whatever….)


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