Adult Content…Stripper Love! NFL Show’s Maliah Love

Over here at The Jasmine Brand, we don’t discriminate against any profession. And neither does Houston. Our intel was down at Houston’s Dreams last night, which is a gentleman’s club, and tells us that the dancers received crazy monetary love. Why, you may ask? Because popular dancer Maliah was in the building….Maliah was featured in Drake’s “Find Your Love” video. They were also rumored to be dating.

My girl tells me that the Cowboys and Texans were in the building and took care of Maliah and the other girls in a major way. Like “major” “major.”

Maliah tweeted this morning, “Oh I can’t forget the rest of the Texans and Cowboys that came through xoxo…It took me so long to count my money last night I had to gather myself before I could S/O :o)”

From my understanding, Maliah was an ex-stripper, but maybe she dances occasionally. I don’t know. Anywho, we love her and think she’s adorable (as do the Texans and Cowboys 😉

(…My girl gave specific names of players that were very gracious w/ those $$$, but y’all know me better than that…dropping specific names, #nobueno!!!….unless you wanna pay for my Security…)


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