Lauryn Hill Punks DC’s “Rock the Bells” Concert, Brings Nas, Q-Tip Strips

Compliments of @DJCuzzinB


 “Rock the Bells” is literally going down right now…so stay tuned and I’ll update you when I can. Photos and videos posted throughout the evening…     

KRS-One literally hit the stage, rhyming he is “hip-hop, not rap”…DJ Premiere did a mix in honor of the late Guru, but his set was way too short. He only played 5 songs. 9th Wonder, pictured below, was spotted signing autographs to fans.     

9th Wonder Signing Autographs, C/O @Liftedresearch


Michael Eric Dyson & 9th C/O @djcuzzinb

Folks waited for an entire hour for Lauryn Hill, the show’s headliner, to show up. At one point, they brought a DJ out to entertain the crowd and a few minutes ago, they started breaking down the equipment for her set. Folks are booing @ this point. Hopefully, they’re just putting together a new set for Ms. Hill–doesn’t sound like it though. An announcer just came out and said that Lauryn Hill was “sick and unable to make it.” Folks are saying that her band was actually in attendance, but she wasn’t.     

Apparently, Talib Kweli was getting pissed at DC folks being all pissy about Lauryn being a “no show.” He tweeted, “Regardless of the money u spent on RTB tix, you will miss Lauryn when she’s gone. So respect her …Rock The Bells is not the Lauryn Hill show. She is one of many great artists on the bill. Show the rest of them love, enjoy.”     

Q-Tip C/O @djcuzzinb

Moving right along, A Tribe Called Quest is on now, minus Fife Dog who’s MIA, due to diabetes complications…Q-Tip stripped down to his boxers while performing…(…wait til I get this pic up ;-)…) and Busta Rhymes hopped on stage. Crowd went bananas.     

L-Boogie C/O @djcuzzinb

Surprise, surprise, surprise…guess who shows up? 

Lauryn Hill rocking a Yankee’s hat, brings out NAS!!!! Folks were waiting for Wu to show up and L-Boogie jumps on stage!!! Nas and Lauryn performed “If I Ruled the World.”   Here’s the video performance:   


Nas and Lauryn Hill Compliments of Nas and Lauryn Hill






Nas also came out with Wu Tang Clan (he’ll be at the 9:30 Club w/ Damian Marley on Monday). Snoop performed as well. Will keep you posted!     

Where’s the after party? We hear True School is throwing something @ Funxion and Snoop’s hosting Stadium via eVIPlist.     

Special thanks to my intel, TK King! 


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