Recap. Ochocinco’s: the Ultimate Catch-“Meet the Family”


So now it’s down to the Final Four (Rubi, Tiphani, Brittany, Tara) and Chad takes all of them to Miami to meet his family. The show opens up with the ladies arriving in Miami, where they are escorted up to the room where a message from Chad awaits them. He wants to show them a side of him they’ve never seen before and also for a little “family reunion”. Uh oh, is New York going to come and shake things up?    


 Naaah, he introduces his brothers Bo (SEXY ASS HERSHEY BAR OF GOODNESS!) , Junior and childhood friend Rashad. The girls and Chad’s family are all chatting when the question is posed “Who’s the least liked in the house”–Rubi just puts Tara all the way on blast. I mean, the guns came out and Rubi, Tiphani and Brittany all hit her with the load, cock, aim and shoot! At this point, it’s clear to Chad that he may have made the wrong decisions because Tara’s same personality issues come up over and over again. (…Ocho, you said you were going to play the fool! Deal with it!…)  

Anyway, he has the girls talk to his brothers one on one, but both Rubi and Brittany use the opportunity to bash Tara instead of talking about themselves. Tara just sticks to her guns and continues to be her sarcastic entertaining self.  He then pulls his brothers to the side and asks them how they felt about the girls. They share that Brittany’s cool, Tiphani’s too quiet, Rubi is family oriented and Bo (Mr. Hershey Goodness), just flat-out tells Ocho that Tara’s full of shit (his words EXACTLY!). All the brothers agree that it’s nothing serious about her! Chad is finally taking into consideration that he made the wrong decision by keeping Tara. (…I mean, we all know you kept her comedic purposes! Plus the girl wants her own show…)   

So at the girl’s suite Brittany is getting sick with migraines and Rubi is trying to make sure she’s on top of her game to beat out Tara. (…Yea Brittany Ima need you to get it together babes…)Anyway, Ocho comes to the suite to take care of some unfinished business, Tara. (…I’m so sick of this damn girl….) He takes her for an alone date and lets her know that he needs to see the more serious side of her. (…Ninja you’ve asked her that several times and she still had not stopped her antics!…)   

Chad's Mother

Meanwhile, back at the suite the girls get a knock on the door and who is it? Momma Johnson!!! Duhn duhn duuuuuhn! The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Since Brittany is sick, she takes Rubi and Tiphani out to dinner at Phillipe. Momma Johnson jumps right in and asks why the girls are here and who they are. Tiphani is failing horribly! Stumbling over words, half assed answer and not opening up at all! Momma Johnson keeps it real and lets them know she had 4 grandbabies and asks them how they would incorporate them into their lives. After this whole conversation, Rubi just may be the one for Chad.     

Chad and Tara


Back at the one-on-one date with Tara, Chad lets her know he likes her a lot and can wake up to her every morning. It bothers him that she still is unable to be serious with him and that he’s not getting what he’s looking for. He feels it’s all been a joke for her and is not what she wants. FINALLY, HE SENDS THAT ASS HOME!!!!! Tara admitted in her interview that he wasn’t what she was looking for and vice versa and wished Rubi and Brittany all types of STDS. Still comical to the very end.     



After his mom’s dinner with Rubi and Tiphani, he meets up with Momma Johnson to debrief. He lets her know off top that he got rid of Tara because she wasn’t serious. (…On the low, I think he got rid of her because he knew that his mother would rip her a new one! I would have LOVED to see those two at dinner!…) Anyway, he asks him how these women are going to advance his life. She feels Tiphani is too young and the kids may be too much for her. She obviously likes Rubi, but her “floozy” like wardrobe is not working for her!     


Before eliminations, Chad let’s the girls know that he eliminated Tara because he was just tired of her. He was sad to say that he was going to have to eliminate Rubi or Tiphani. Brittany is safe because Tara was her match up.     



At eliminations, he eliminates Tiphani because she’s too young and he has to go with his heart. He’s feeling Rubi more and loves the fact that she’s family oriented. The final match-up is set! It’s Rubi vs Brittany. I mean sorry y’all, but it’s VERY clear who he’s going to pick next week (..Although we hear his real-life love interest is Basketball Wives’ Evelyn…) I’ve seen it throughout this entire season. But, you’ll have to check back next week for the final recap of Ochocinco’s Ultimate Catch!


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