Usher on Ex-Wife, “We just couldn’t be married.”

Although most of us are kinda over the Usher/Tameka “break-up,” Usher is still opening up to a few media outlets and giving us a few additional snippets on why it didn’t work.

He told People, “Even though it didn’t work out, I’m glad we got together. I love her as the mother of my children; we just couldn’t be married. We’re two different people and we have two different goals. It just was never going to work out 100 percent.”

Usher and Tameka have two children-Usher V, who turns 3 years old this year and two month old, Naviyd. “We had to put our issues aside and focus on raising them. There will never be another mother for my sons, and I’ll always be their father.”


One Response

  1. Usher you always put your business out there for everyone to know, through your music and more why????? You have never been comfortable in your relationships, are you not happy with your choices or just unlucky?????????

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