Branded: Fashion that Speaks for Itself…”Broken Celebrity”

Model, Jasmine Santiago

Excuse my fashion ignorance, but I just literally discovered Broken Celebrity a few months ago when I noticed celeb’s being spotted in them (product placement to the fullest!). If you too were living under a fashion rock, you must check out my interview with Broken Celebrity owner,  Jacquis Rambeau. Let me warn you, this style is not for the faint of heart. Meaning, if you don’t want folks to have an opinion, good or bad, it ain’t for you. Peep my interview below w/ Jacquis Rambeau:

The Jasmine Brand: How did ‘Broken Celebrity’ get started?

Jacquis Rambeau: I was designing clothes for close to 10 years; I saw the glasses trend taking off and jumped on after researching it.

What was your inspiration behind the line?

It was inspired after I saw and ordered a pair of Coco & Breezy Shades;

How did celeb’s catch onto the brand?

Thanks to 305 Media Group, Samantha Blake Photography and a whole lot of promoting on Twitter lol

In one word, describe Broken Celebrity:


Any upcoming events/fashion shows, etc.?

Besides being placed in F**hion Me Hard The Calendar, my team and I are working on a New collection Launch party.

Any upcoming contests that folks should be aware of?
I’m thinking of a good one as we speak. More details are forthcoming.

To learn more about Broken Celebrity, visit or follow them via twitter @brokencelebrity.

Mya Rockin "Broken Celebrity"


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