Marlon Wayans On Kat Stacks “She Must Got Some Stellar Kitty”

Everyone’s chimming in on the recent video footage that Kat Stacks took of Soulja Boy…it’s perfect comedic material…Peep what funny man, Marlon Wayans tweeted:

“I just saw the damn soulja boy video… if @souljaboy sniffed as much coke as @Ihatekatstacks shot in the video he wouldn’t have a nose…i think @ihatekatstacks CGI’d that cocaine in the video. Ain’t no damn way lil’ @souljaboy gonna sniff all that. fuck is he? Tony Montana???…”

“I don’t know about you… but @Ihatekatstacks can’t come to my crib… baby girl real sneaky wit that camera work. sheesh!…I’m just wondering is this the new thing? Fuck a dude then tell the world his vices & stamina issues…all i can say is @ihatekatstacks must got some stellar kitty. The shit must speak 7 languages & have an MBA in fuckology. Dey keep goin back…   I’d break her iphone with my hard meat… POW POW POW! then commence to beat the kitty. she do got a fat ass tho Son… HAHAHA…Hey @ihatekatstacks should become like the hood news reporter. “Live from some dumb n***as crib”…”

“I can’t even be mad at @ihatekatstacks she self-deprecating. her twit name is I HATE KAT STACKS! She don’t give a fuck. gotta respect it…Shit, let me shut up for @Ihatekatstacks put that pussy on me. & hav sum vid out wit crack rocks spread about & CGI a lil’ dick on me…”


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