Amber Rose’s Message 2 Men, “Step Ya Game Up”

Our favorite girl, Amber Rose, took to twitter to set men in their place, particularly men in her age range. Apparently, the request for a man to send a sexy picture ain’t just asked of us ‘common’ folk. Sounds like one too many boys have requested this prior to the usual…

In my mind, Amber was yelling at the computer screen as she typed this: “What happened to Romance? Poems, Love letters, Flowers,Candles, Surprises? It seems as if man Just don’t get it anymore. It’s all about “Send me a sexy pic” I’m so over that. Step ya game up Yung bulls! The men 35 & older r gonna take ur girl.” (I love Philly’s word, “bull”…)

(…I OVERstand where she’s coming from, but really, Amber, you’re quite the sex-kitten. When we see you, you’re half-naked lookin’ effing fabulous, nonetheless…Wait a minute, i take that back. I’m not a sex-kitten, don’t go out half-naked (well, sometimes) and get these same side-eyed requests from regular joe’s…I guess men are just tryna their hands…)

In all fairness, I purposely posted these type of shots of Amber, but hell, they are the ones that men and women love or love-to-hate. Also, I’m no dummie…these are the ones y’all click to open up…The kid is WELL aware of my CTR.


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