Twitter Beef…Soulja Boy vs. Fabolous

Soulja Boy is real pissy with Fab and took to twitter last night to throw shade.

Soulja Boy tweeted, “lol fuck that lame ass washed up rapper named fabolous thats a gay ass rap name anyway…thats just how I feel. chicago stand up. fuck that nigga he lame and old I wish that fab would quit copying my swag damn he a nut rider i swear man…”

Fab thinks that someone hacked into Soulja Boy’s account, but maybe dude is still upset about comments from a few weeks ago, when Fab did the whole “stupid-boy-swag” tweet. After Fab learned of the incident when Kat Stacks set-up Soulja Boy in his hotel room, he took to twitter to clown him. Lettin Kat Stacks in ur hotel room alone is #StupidBoySwag.. *All u rappers pay attention, that right there is called #StupidBoySwag* AYYYY….Get out the wayyyyyyyy….stupid boy comin thru…. #StupidBoySwag…Stacks on deck, Kat Stacks on bed, Camera on record, Coke on dresser… #StupidBoySwag

More details lata!


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